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Wool Dryer Ball (Sold in package of 1)

This is totally our favorite product because it is such a great multifaceted solution. They reduce drying time therefore electricity and money, no environmental chemicals, no landfill waste and no money spent on dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener. At least a quintuple win. They pull pet hair off of whatever they are drying.  Also, you can add essential oils to them to give your clothes whatever scent you want!  Try finding ylang ylang, jasmine, or lemon dryer sheets!  Not gonna happen.  Plus they last for 1000+ loads.  If you do the math on that (and we did, cause we're nerds...), at a load a week they would last for over 19 years!!!  That's bananas!  You can also use them as a safe pet toy instead.

Ease of adding it to your life...
Keep them in the laundry room or your laundry bag and they are always handy when needed.

Fun idea...
Give as a housewarming/wedding/college dorm gift along with a set of bath towels and or bed sheets.

Item: Wool Dryer Balls
Features: Eco-friendly, organic, reusable, natural, handmade, reduces use of chemicals, reduces use of electricity, reduces static cling
Material: Virgin wool
Color: white
Size: *4” (about the size of a softball)

*Size and color approximate due to handmade nature

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