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Clay and Kefir Facial & Body Soap Bar

Using bar soap instead of liquid soap means one less plastic bottle on the planet.  It also lasts longer, harder to spill and easier to use only the amount you need.  

The Clay & Kefir soap is a creamy bar that deep cleans and gently sloughs away dull skin, smoothing fine lines and removing impurities, leaving skin soft and silky with the help of French rose clay and our farmstead Kefir. Especially recommended for mature skin.

Ease of adding it to your life...
Easy.  Buy it, use it.  You might want to get a Classic Wooden Soap Dish to put it on...

Fun idea...
Great stocking stuffer, house warming or wedding shower gift, or gift for new college student.  Pair it with our Classic Wooden Soap Dish.

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