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6 in 1 Folding pocket utensil

The why for carrying your own reusable utensil kit is an easy one.  It's as simple as the reduction of plastic spoons and forks as future garbage.  It's true that some plastic utensils are recyclable, and that is a very good thing when that item makes it to the point of actually being recycled, however, better than recycling a product is eliminating the need for that product in the first place.  If you never use it, the percentage of how often the recyclable item gets recycled is a moot point.

Ease of adding it to your life...
It only takes a little fore thought to make sure that your reusable utensil kit is washed after each use and put back into your purse, backpack or briefcase.  Having a carrying case to keep it clean in your bag of choice is recommended.

Fun idea...
Giving out reusable utensils as wedding favors or party gifts spreads the idea of reuse before recycle and is a great way to increase the mindful footprint of those around you.  Also, a great gift for those in your life who enjoy camping.

Item: Folding 6 in 1Multi-Utensil
Features: knife, fork, spoon, pick & bottle opener.
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Size: closed-10 x 1.3 cm/3.9”x .5”
open-18.3 x 1.3 cm/7.2”x.5”
Weight: 128g/4.5

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