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About Us

Molly and Cassandra, circa 1976


Cassandra and Molly, Circa 2015


The reason we do this... aka our About Us is our response to this TED talk by Adam Leipzig, How to Know Your Life's Purpose in 5 Minutes.  

To know your life's purpose you must know...

1. Who you are.

Mindfulfootprint.life is the passion project of two sisters, Cassandra and Molly, who are motivated by conservation, health, education and mindfulness.  They have both always loved helping everyone they come in contact with and educating the people around them about the exciting things they have learned.  When Cassandra was little, she would come home from preschool and teach Molly everything she learned.  She was an excellent teacher, even at the age of 4 as evidenced by the fact that when Molly showed up to school they thought she was a genius.  She just had a superb teacher.  Molly has also done her fair share of teaching, mostly energy work mediation, in fact she has a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  Cassandra is a Certified Master Herbalist from the Natural Healing College.


2. What you do/know well enough to teach.

Both Cassandra and Molly have studied various subjects in the healing arts and Cassandra has been researching healthy living practices and responsible ways to reduce one's carbon footprint for years. You might even say that it is her life's passion.  Molly's life passion is in becoming more mindful in everything she does and bringing mindfulness to those who are searching.


3. Who you do what you do for.

They are doing mindfulfootprint.life for themselves, because it's what they find fun and important.  They are also doing it for everyone because we are all in this together.


4. What those people want/need.

We all want/need to be aware of how to be better at being ourselves.  We also want/need for that to translate into our actions in the world and for it to not cost us an arm and a leg.


5. What you get out of doing what you do and how you change as a result of doing it.

They certainly get a feeling of satisfaction from knowing that the information and products that they offer are simple and easy ways to reuse, recycle and reduce, but it goes beyond that.  There is a sense of community that comes from sharing practices that help people feel more mindful about their choices.  It isn't just about how those choices affect the world, but how those choices affect who we are and how we feel about ourselves.  When we take mindful actions outside our homes we cause a ripple affect on everyone we come in contact with and create a kinder, gentler world.  Saving the planet from the destructive force of humans is great, but so is saving the human spirit from the destructive force of being destructive.