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Whiskey Stones 6pcs/set Natural Granite - Black

Pure anti-microbial natural granite stone does not polute or dilute whatever drink you want to chill. Why?...undulterated enjoyment. 

Ease of adding it to your life...
Just buy them and keep them in the freezer. Easy to clean with just a rinse of hot water before drying and returning to the freezer for handy reuse.

Fun idea...
Give as a gift along with a special bottle of spirits or soda.

Item: Drink chilling stones
Features: Eco-friendly, reusable, safe to freeze, safe for use in beverages (whisky, wine, etc…), does not dilute beverage, easy to clean
Material: Granite
Color: Black
Size:  2 x 2 x 2cm/.79” x .79” x .79"

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