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Biodegradable Animal Waste Bags (set of 6 rolls)

This is one more way to rid the world of plastic bags.  These bags are made of a biodegradable plastic.  You can use them for dog poop, scoopable kitty litter (preferably biodegradable kitty litter...), or kitchen scraps.  They come 10 bags to a roll and we sell them in sets of 6.  They are small and easy to carry with you at all times.

Ease of Adding to your life...
Take them on your walks with your dog, keep a roll next to your kitty litter scooper, have a roll in your kitchen draw and maybe one in your car, just in case.

Fun Idea...
Great stocking stuffer for the pet owners in your life.  Great gift for the campers in your life as they make a great item for any organic garbage that may accumulate while camping.

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