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Stainless Steel Odor Eliminating Everlasting Soap Bar

This one is sooooo cool! Using it when cooking means that your hands never have to smell like onions or fish again!  Think of how much soap you used to use to accomplish that!  Less soap, hooray!  Also, it looks like it was sent by aliens!  Oh, yeah, and the fact that it works, and it does, just defies logic.

Ease of adding it to your life...
So easy.  Just buy it use it.

Fun idea...
Great stocking stuffer, great for the camper in your life, excellent housewarming gift, great wedding favor, keep one in your car for emergencies, just don't throw it at anyone (we included this one because it does sound like fun...we just don't play that way).
Item: Stainless Steel Soap Bar
Features: Reusable, lasts forever, eco-friendly, can reduce the use of soap to remove strong odors from hands like fish, garlic, onions, etc… Just use in place of a bar of soap with cold running water.
Material: Stainless Steel
S Size: 7.62 x 5.08 x 1.9cm/3” x 2" x .75"

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