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Baking Sheet/Jelly Roll Pan/Casserole Lid/Drip Catcher, Small - Red

Not only does this baking sheet replace the use of aluminum foil, which is terrible in so many ways (bad for your health, the production of it is an environmental nightmare and though it's recyclable, don't even get us started on what an ordeal that is...) it is also has so many uses! Can be used in the same fashion as a metal baking sheet, as a jelly/french roll pan, to roll sushi, for catching drips below a pie or leaky casserole, or even to protect table/countertop surfaces from hot baked goods straight from the oven.

Ease of adding it to your life...
If you do a lot of your cooking in your oven, you may want more than one of these since they have so many uses. 

Fun idea... 
This makes for a great housewarming gift, wedding shower gift and a pack of them for the baker in your family would make an excellent holiday present!

Item: Baking Sheet/Jelly Roll Pan/Casserole Lid/Drip Catcher
Features: Can reduce the use of aluminum foil, works in oven, microwave oven, refridgerator and freezer, top shelf dishwasher safe
Material: 100% PBA-free food grade silicone
Temperature tolerance: -40º-232º C/-40º-450º F
Color: Red
Size: 26 x 31cm/10.24" x 12.2"

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